Local and Corporate Ductless HVAC

We have talked about how much replacement our infrastructure needs, and we are here to tell you that until that happens, we need to step up and take control of the situation. The sad truth is that infrastructure has never looked worse in terms of how old and decrepit it is, but we hare here to make sure that we fix it anyway. Part of what allows us to do this with relative ease is the use of ductless HVAC. Something that is debated for its pros and cons, we believe that ductless HVAC is the wave of the future.

Ductless HVAC involves remotely pumping repair agents into pipes so that you do not need to dig up the pipes or the surrounding area. When we say dig up we mean with heavy machines and not a shovel, which can cause problems for everyone involved. This is why we love the idea so much and why we think that the pros far outweigh the cons in this situation. If we had to dig up the surrounding area on every job, we would break a lot of the pipes that we are trying to repair.

You make the call

We are the best in the business because we use a tactic that not a lot of other companies use for ac repair. Instead of debating the pros and cons of ductless HVAC, we figured that the pipes are in such bad shape that they will not even be able to be touched after awhile unless something changes soon. Assuming that this process if it happens will take a long time, we think that we should prepare for pipes that are rusted and brittle, because there is no other alternative. So one step at a time we aim to repair sewers using ductless technology.